The World Class Sexy Jazz Pianist, Yuki Futami, Finally Arrived at Boston! 天才イケメンピアニスト二見大先生ボストン修行日記

Sorry for not updating my diary for a while. I’ve just been busy with the school and practicing piano hard ever since I moved to Boston. There are so many things I want to say, but to make a long story short, I’ve got my new life off to a good start so far and I really like life in Boston. Boston is such a beautiful city with a lot of amazing scenery and rich history. Every morning I enjoy walking and seeing old buildings on my way to school. People here are friendly and welcoming so it didn’t take very long to get used to my new life. When I’m not busy with school, I hope to get to know about this city.

In school, I am so fortunate to be surrounded by many great students and faculty. This semester, I am studying with Jerry Bergonzi and Frank Calberg. Both of my teachers are my heros! All of the classes I’m taking are interesting and practical. It’s hard to explain but… I remember my solfege professor said taking different kinds of music classes at the same time is the most effective way to improve music abilities because they are interacted with each other and I agree with that. Right now I am taking solfege 2, tonal practice 1, music history class, some jazz ensemble classes, and LARTS 221 (Role of Music in Narrative Filmmovie and film) lol. In fact, after taking these classes, the way I practice has changed and I have found a lot of improvement in my music (I strongly hope)

There’s so much great music going on at my school and around the whole city. I enjoy going to see student’s recitals in school almost every night (mainly just to get free food) I also like to go to the Symphony Hall to see the BSO during weekend. It’s amazing that I have access to see one of top orchestras in the world every week for free and it’s literally one block away from school!!

I can definitely say that my time at NEC so far has been one of the greatest times in my life. I am so filled with gratitude for having great education here at NEC and I am so thankful for my parents and people who always support me. I also really appreciate the double sheets of toilet paper in the bathroom at school!! I’ll just keep practicing piano and study English hard to become more sexy. Thank you so much Arigatou Gozaimasu!!




個人差はありますが、NECは優秀な学生が多く、他の学生から多くの刺激をもらっています。特にアメリカはジャズの低年齢化が著しく、大学一年生(18歳)なのに、プロ顔負けの演奏をする学生がチラホラいます。5年後、いや3年後にはどうなっているのか、、、私も負けては入られません。学内では毎晩のように、どこかのホールで学生のリサイタルや外部のミュージシャンを招いたコンサートがあり、どのコンサートも質が非常に高く音楽漬けの日々です。著名なジャズミュージシャンのクリニックも頻繁に行われ、これまでにAaron Goldberg, Ethan Iverson, Dave Holland, Jason Moran氏などの前で演奏する機会を得て、多くの称賛やアドバイスをもらい貴重な経験となりました。




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