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I don’t think my life has gone as I expected. I first came to this country for the audition at Juilliard in 2013. However, I was not accepted. At that time, my TOEFL score was far below the requirement. Since my English needed to be improved and I never attended any universities in Japan, I decided to go to LaGuardia Community College to study English and earn some college credits. I thought while I studied English, I could expose myself to the great jazz scene in New York City. But the things went wrong, and I have had such a difficult time since then.

I was first put into ESL 97, which is the lowest level in school. This was the beginning of a nightmare. I studied English with many kids who just graduated high school. They didn’t have manners and they were mean. Some kept talking during the class and some made fun of me because of my poor English. Although I worked as a professional jazz pianist before coming to this country, I found myself taking fu*king ESL. No one had any idea why I was there. I felt like “This is not the right place I should be.” I had too much pride.
I tried to pass the CUNY assessment test as soon as possible so that I could take regular college classes. I spent a lot of energy studying English instead of practicing piano. It took half a year to finish all of my ESL classes, and I finally passed the CUNY assessment test. I was happy and I thought I could now concentrate on my own stuff. However, things get worse. As soon as I started taking regular college classes such as philosophy, history, and English writing, I was really overwhelmed with a lot of homework. Since I was struggling with English (I am still struggling with this. What a difficult language English is!!!!), I had difficulty in understanding the lectures. This was really frustrating for me.

However, this frustration and conflict made me tough. I became more patient and able to determine what I have to focus on in order to achieve my future goal. Also, because I used the limited time for both my practice and study in an efficient way, I am much better at time management than before. My English improvement also gave me confidence. I realized that I couldn’t do anything but music, but now I have a lot of potential to improve my ability outside of music.

I also had the opportunity of meeting great people here. Many students have financial difficulty and I know many students work from early morning before the class and then work again until late night to support their families. I rarely met those kind of students in Japan. They were really motivated me to work harder and harder. All of my professors were great! They really supportive and always willing to help me and they often cheered me up for my dream.
Outside of school, I was fortunate to meet and play with great musicians, Jeff Dingler, and Michael Winnicki. Last summer, I released my own album and went to Japan with them for a music tour. I had a great time and memorable experience in my life and I’m very proud of having played with them. (Guys, these guys are really killing. Please continue to support them!!)

Since my parents and I face financial difficulties, it’s getting hard to pay the tuition here. I applied to as many music schools as possible and New England Conservatory accepted me with a favorable scholarship. So, I decided to go to Boston. This is not what I expected until recently.
It is true that life doesn’t go as one expects. But it is both in a positive way and bad way that breaks even. I want to enjoy this journey. I will practice piano hard and I will be much better. I’m not young. I am 28 years old, but I believe it is never too late to seek my goal, which is to become the sexiest pianist in the world. I want to show this to be true.







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